3 Factors to Look for While Choosing School Uniforms for Girls

With India experiencing a boom in girls’ education, a rising number of schools want to build their own identity, create a positive outlook, and propagate the values of their educational institution to the outside world. Uniforms play a pivotal role in creating this impression. But owing to a large number of schools and the limited choice in uniform style and design it is very difficult to stand out from the crowd. So how can a school choose a uniform that is smart and comfortable for its students yet unique in its style and design? 


School uniforms for girls are often stitched in solid colours like blue, white, and grey or similar shades while checks and plaid patterns are not uncommon. The logo and the name of the school are often stitched in with the uniforms. A unique combination of colours, patterns and other details can help to create the outfit of choice.


Uniforms are worn throughout the year, so it is important to find durable outfits made from high-quality materials. The fabric you choose should have a breathable quality. Cotton is the most preferred fabric for the Indian weather.

Getting the right size

Uniforms with the right fit boost confidence as it makes a student look and feel smart. A tight outfit, on the other hand, would restrict free movement and can also affect the circulatory system. A baggy outfit gives the impression of a sloppy appearance that affects confidence.

Top 3 school uniform designs for girls

Salwar kameez, shirt and skirt, and pinafores are some of the common uniform styles for girls in India. A blazer is often worn in the winter season and in areas where the temperatures drop. The outfits are stitched keeping in mind the need for comfort as well as mobility.

Searching for a uniform that is unique?

Being in uniform makes a student feel that they belong to their school and encourages the feeling of pride and happiness with this association. It forms a sense of identity and also promotes teamwork and ownership. Are you looking for a design or pattern that will set the students of your school apart from the rest? Not sure where to start? Find the best quality school uniform online in varied collections at UniPro.

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