Dirty school uniforms: How to clean school uniforms? Do it yourself(DIY) Hacks

Childhood is a memorable period in everyone’s life. It is that stage of life when one is exposed to the whole world of learning. As parents while you will be proud of the learning your child does every day, cleaning up their messy school uniforms will be an equally tough task to check off yours to-do list.

School uniforms generally have tough stains of paint, glue, ink, sauce, gravy and mud. Following the right cleaning process will ensure that the uniforms are stain-free and sparkling all year round. This blog helps you make your tough job easier by suggesting easy hacks for cleaning and maintaining school uniforms all through the year.

5 Hacks to Clean a Dirty Uniform

Here are the following tips for caring for school uniforms:

  1. Soak it: It’s essential to soak dirty uniforms for a few minutes before actually washing them. Soak stained uniforms in a whitening detergent for an hour, before hand washing or machine washing them. Make sure that the detergent used by you is free of Chlorine and protects the colour of the fabric.
  2. Pre-treating stains: If you find some tough stains on the uniform, it’s important to treat them after soaking. Use some extra detergent, apply it on the stains and rub the fabric against itself. This will help in dissolving the stain in detergent water. Uniform manufacturers use a blend of fabrics for uniforms. So instead of using chlorine bleach; consider using hydrogen peroxide or lemon juice to treat tough stains. This will ensure that the uniform fabric does not get damaged.
  3. Wash it alone: Make sure you don’t wash the dirty uniforms along with other laundry. As most school uniforms contain white fabric partly or wholly, it’s important to wash them separately to avoid colour stains of other clothes on the school uniform. To avoid mixing of colours, we suggest allotting a separate laundry basket for school uniforms.
  4. Wash shoes & hats: Apart from keeping school uniforms neat and tidy, you must also make sure that the shoes and hats used by your kids are well maintained. With regular use, canvas shoes get dirty and smelly. Wash the shoes and hats with a whitening detergent, rinse off well and allow them to dry completely.
  5. Wash the uniform right after the game:  On days when your child has playing time on the time table, the uniforms need extra care. Soak the uniform as soon as your child comes home and wash it in an hour. This will ensure that muddy stains are completely washed away.

By keeping in mind these school uniform care tips, your tough job of washing off tough stains becomes completely hassle-free.

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