How to Measure School Uniforms?

How to Measure School Uniforms?

One of the biggest challenges of ordering uniforms online is getting the uniform sizes correct. It can be difficult to get the exact size match when you order school uniform online. So, it is important to make the correct measurements and cross verify it with the size chart given on the website. First, let us get an idea of how to correctly measure the uniform size for students, and then go on to how the average sizes can be used to make bulk orders of readymade school uniforms in Hyderabad, Bangalore, Chennai or other cities. 

Uniform Measuring Tips

The important uniform measuring tips are described in detail :

Height: It is recommended to start measuring from the ground upwards to the head. It is important to make sure that the kid’s shoes are off with feet together on the ground. Ask the kid to stand up straight to ensure accurate measurement.

Chest: Ask the child to stand straight with arms close to the body on the sides. Now, place the measuring tape under the armpits and measure the chest to the fullest, including the blades of the shoulders. Remember keeping the tape level for getting the fit.

Waist: Make sure that the waist measurement is not too tight for ensuring the natural waistline.

Hips: Aim at measuring the fullest hip part for ensuring the perfect fit of the uniform.

The measurements of the shortest and tallest students in a class or an age groups can be taken to find the range of sizes that you can order for. You can then make an approximate grouping based on the uniform size to get the exact count of the number of uniforms you need to order online. Doing this will ensure that you get the right fit uniforms for the students of your school. It will also help reduce waste of orders because of wrong sizes. While placing the bulk orders on school uniforms online, you should also consider the growth spurts of children of various age groups. For such age groups, you should remember to go for readymade uniforms that are a size bigger.

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