Keep Uniforms Looking Like New

Uniforms are an indispensable part of school life. A well-tailored uniform makes your students smart brand ambassadors for your school. The uniform also helps the students focus better on academics and other school activities. Do we then need to stress any more on the need for you to zero in on reputed and experienced school uniform suppliers in Bangalore? Like other conveniences, school uniforms online ordering facility is also available.   

A neat and clean uniform is a necessity to a successful school life. Uniforms, just like other clothes, tend to get dirty and need to be washed and/or laundered regularly to maintain them. They may also need ironing depending on the nature of the fabric.

So, choose your school uniform suppliers in Bangalore carefully who can properly guide you about the choice of fabrics. The right fabric material will keep your students nice and comfortable so they give their best everyday at school. The right fabric is also easier to clean and maintain.

Following are some of the popular uniform fabrics and the tips to keep them good as new:


A natural fabric that is soft and breathable to keep the wearer comfortable throughout the year. Cotton fabric is machine washable and can be tumble dried depending on the instructions given for fabric care. Wash light and dark colored garments separately and turn them inside out to minimize fluffing and piling. It tends to crease and needs hot ironing to remove them.


A strong and flexible fabric that is inexpensive too. Polyester resists wrinkling and shrinking and dries amazingly fast. It wicks away moisture, but it is not a breathable fabric and tends to hold on to stains and odors. Polyester can be washed both in cold as well as warm water and tumble dried on a low heat setting if listed in the fabric care instructions.     


Depending on the weather conditions, wool may also be chosen as the uniform fabric. It is a natural fiber from animals that keeps the wearer warm in cold climatic conditions. Wool can be machine washed in cold cycle with an approved woolen detergent. They must be washed inside out and dried flat in shade to maintain shape.    

Whether you go for school uniforms online ordering or choose a regular supplier, check their past records so you are sure of the end product.

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