Top 4 School Uniform Trends 2019

First impression matters a lot and clothes go a long way in creating a good one. Smart and distinctive kids’ school uniforms have a positive impact on their overall personality and behavior fostering the students’ pride in their school. Uniforms can go a long way in impacting the reputation of the school and its perception within the community. With so much at stake, it is high time you take a critical look at your school’s uniform.  

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You could also involve the students themselves in the process of finalising the uniform style as you are more likely to get their acceptance and cooperation for the best outcome. There are a couple of wardrobe staples to choose from as far as school uniform for girls is concerned. Listed below are a few staples for your reference:

1. The blazer and tie combo: The suited look is making a comeback in the kids’ school uniforms and with a lot of style makeover. Colour contrasting trims and ties will make your students stand out in the crowd.

2. The patterned look: The Scottish tartan patterns are eye catching. Kilts and pinafores with these bold patterns offer a formal public school look. 

3. Logo’d uniforms: Logo placement on uniforms is a clever way of promoting your students as the brand ambassadors of the school. The choice of placement of the logo is for you to decide. Ensure to maintain a fine balance between the impact and the look you want to create.

4. Cool sports gear: When the school uniform for girls has undergone a sea change, can the sportswear be left behind? Certainly not! Gone are the days of plain t-shirts and shorts combo. Now are the times of comfy skorts and leggings in special performance fabrics that keep the student comfy and confident.   

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