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One of the most practical and powerful elements of workplace culture is that uniforms. Corporate uniforms signify professionalism and also represent the brand as a whole through their attire. The importance of wearing a professional corporate uniform is noted only outside organizations, but even within groups. For instance, a functional department might have a specific pattern of uniform that differentiates them from the rest of the teams or networks.

About UniPro

Right from its phase of establishment, UniPro has been specializing and evolving in the trends and market structures of manufacturing and delivering top-notch uniforms for professionals and business heads. With our expertise, you get rest assured for durability and quality; and besides these, our experts focus more on the comfort aspects, hence the wearer can feel light and convenient at any sort of work.

Additionally, we ensure to design, stitch, and create unique and commendable pieces of fabric, from the hands of experienced fashion designers and textile consultants from NIFT, NID, and such reputable institutes.

High-Quality Corporate Uniform Manufacturers

Being a quality-oriented corporate uniform supplier, our specialists balance high quality with better durability and we do this with the support of our branding guides and tools. The solutions we offer here are end-to-end and we make sure that the uniforms we deliver here are of the highest standards, thus matching your company’s expectations.

Further, we have collections that fit both regular uses and for any special professional occasions and events. The quality is high here and we guarantee the same irrespective of the sizes, fabric, varieties, and genders you would wish to place with us any order (s).

Why go with UniPro?

Unlike the other corporate uniform manufacturers in Bangalore city, we prioritize comfort over anything else; and that’s why our materials are of high-end technical superiority in terms of texture, shade, contrast, convenience, and resistance. To the part of durability, our uniforms can withstand rough and tough industrial conditions, hence giving you a proper hold to work freely at your station.

And most of our fabric experts suggest and optimize the uniforms as per the norms of anti-microbial properties as well as fire-resistant. So, the uniform materials from UniPro are best-suited for wear-and-tear situations and within a standard, professional business workstation setup.

Last but not the least, ours is a customer-oriented agency and so, we assure you that the rates offered by UniPro would be competitive and affordable for meeting your budget and quality requirements on point. We make sure that the right value for money is given by our specialists’ team.

Our List of Expertise

Apart from what is being stated, our company also caters to deliver a few other fabric solutions based on your needs and deeds; be it professional or personal. Here is a short description of our other high-quality uniform products;

  • School Uniform - Right from primary to senior secondary, we sketch and stitch uniforms for all ages and genders. We can even customize the dress based on your school’s academic preferences.
  • Work Uniform - Convenient and comfortable workplace uniforms are delivered with utmost importance given to quality and material safety. We deliver the same for both a calming office workplace as well as for a rough factory-based setup.
  • Corporate Uniform - To enrich your work experience and also to upgrade your professionalism to the next level, we have business-centric solutions in uniforms, to give you better confidence with quality standards.
  • Security Guard Uniform - We can help you embody the look of protection and warmth, by designing and deploying top-quality fabric materials for security guards, lower-level officers, and any other situational escort teams.
  • Hospital Nurse Uniform - Right from the disposable operation theatre dresses to the standard nursing scrubs, we will give you the most professional and comforting healthcare uniform you can avail online in Bangalore and nearby regions.

And if you still have any doubts or questions regarding the uniform fabric or delivery, please don’t hesitate to ring us at 9945172940 right away!

Here are 5 Uniform Tips for You

These are a few tips (5 nos.) following in the below pointers if you are new to understanding the idea of picking a corporate uniform material for your business company or agency:

  1. Rather than having the logo of your company in the front, you can place the same either on the side of the uniform’s hand or at the backbone portion.
  2. Go for colors such as green, blue, black, grey, or brown for offices, yet, purely depending on the type of sector and industry the employees are working in.
  3. Choosing a corporate uniform that suits both genders is a wise choice because it gives a sense of equality as well as offers a feel of professionalism.
  4. To stylize your uniform, you can try wearing a contrasting watch or a simple beaded stud rather than going for some bold shades of accessories.
  5. It is vital to understand the clean uniform material primarily with hands and then if stained dark, go for laundry washes. Make sure to give a crisp iron too.
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