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The image and brand responsibility of a hospital or medical centre, is usually reflected through their quality services, effective treatment and also notably, the way doctors and nurses carry themselves to patients.

From fostering an optimistic image to patients to appearing decent and formal for the administration, doctors and nurses must adhere to standard, well-groomed uniform materials. In line with the stated, medical uniforms and scrub suit for nurses play the lead role in showcasing the professionalism of any healthcare worker.

Owing to that standard, UNIPRO is one of the best hospital uniform manufacturers in India as our quality and durability are unmatchable!

Know About UNIPRO

Being an on-demand hospital uniforms manufacturers of the state, we have a broad team of garment experts, clothing consultants, and fashion designing specialists, who are not only adept to give you the best material but also provide environment-suited fabrics. Because clinics and hospitals require special attention when it comes to designing and producing scrub suits and the like.

Avail High-Quality Hospital Uniforms

Made with the finest of fabrics and processed through a multi-stage quality check scheme, our experts here make sure that the final product comes top-notch. With its high quality, you can stay rest assured to get high durability as well in the medical uniforms we manufacture. Moreover, the scrub suits and surgical gowns manufactured from UNIPRO have been regarded as some of the highly-recommended materials for medical professionals, as it strikes the right balance between comfort and style.

Being one of the best-suggested names for hospital uniforms manufacturers in India, you don’t have to spend much on our uniforms. Our rates are quite affordable as compared to any other hospital or medical uniform manufacturers in Bangalore. Check out our portfolio to see through how we guarantee quality and durability in our results.

Why should you choose UNIPRO?

The team at UNIPRO is one of the most experienced hospital uniforms manufacturers in the city; we always ensure to match your fabric requirement to what is trending and what should be the standards followed for manufacturing it. Furthermore, we have garment experts and uniform specialists who come from various popular clothing and design institutions such as NIFT, NID, etc. So, you can be guaranteed the quality of our service (s).

Above all being said, with our team, you have the flexibility to customize or personalize your designs and colours, as per your hospital or clinic’s needs. We accept and deliver medical uniform customizations for all genders, sizes, textures, and more. You can contact our brand anytime for details on how to personalize your medical uniform greatly.

Our Other Exclusive Uniform Products

Apart from our hospital and medical dresses, we offer a comprehensive list of fabric solutions for all customers, clients, and corporates. To give you a gist, here are a few other clothing options that you can avail of from UNIPRO:

  • School Uniform:

To give that elegant and formal look, we provide school uniforms for all students, with name tags and labels as per the requirement. And we also adhere to a range of hues and designs as per your school’s needs.

  • Work Uniform:

Maintain a high level of professionalism with our top-notch uniform materials for your workplace. With high regards, you can boost your confidence and self-esteem at work, and we assure you to help you with the same with our standardised work uniforms.

  • Corporate Uniform:

The most vital aspects of operating a business are how you actually network and approach other clients. And for that, you require a formal, highly decent uniform. We at UNIPRO provide the same for all corporate sectors and domains with a classic touch.

  • Security Guard Uniform:

Making sure that a police officer or a security guard is easily spotted away from the rest of the crowd could be possibly done only through a standard uniform. And our team offers such distinctive fabric pieces that will help to send a warning signal for all the potential thieves and/or criminals.

  • Hospital Nurse Uniform:

Besides looking calm and professionals to patients, wearing scrubs and uniforms help individuals identify nurses easily. With our hospital nurse uniforms, enrich your medical practice with convenient and customised designs based on the recommendations of your clinic.

Ways to Connect with Our Team

UNIPRO has its footprints in both Bangalore and Jaipur. And so, if you wish to reach out to our expertise, then do give us a ring at 9945172940 and our respective members will get back to your need in no time.

Also, for any specific queries or if you wish to convey any information to us regarding your uniform requirement, then you can also try filling in the details quickly, asked in the “Send a Message” form on the “Contact Us” Page. Or just mail your requirements to

5 Uniform Tips that You Must Read

  1. When it comes to medical uniforms, don’t go for more prints. Going with simple and plain shades of colours will give that professional feel.
  2. You must help patients stay calm and comfortable through the look of your uniform. So, pick colours such as blue, purple, white, light green, etc.
  3. Nurses are busy healthcare workers and who are always in the run for things. Hence, the uniform should be loose enough to make them move freely.
  4. From thermometers and tablets to hemostats and scissors, the uniforms of medical professionals must always have many pockets as per the requirement.
  5. To retain the quality of your scrubs, make sure that you put your medical uniforms separately in the laundry, without mixing them with the rest of the garments.
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