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Considering today’s lifestyle, we are surrounded by a lot of germs and bacterial contaminants. Now, consider the case of a nurse. Servicing within a clinical setup, nurses and ward officers are extremely prone to cross-contamination. To make sure that this infection is minimum or to avoid it fully, scrub suits come in handy.

Unlike the regular hospital nurse uniform, scrub suits help nurses reduce or restrict germ particles entering the body. The uniform was initially referred to as "surgical greens" owing to their colour. Later on, this was called "scrubs" as it was worn in a "scrubbed" environment.

Moreover, from the perspective of a hospital, a scrub suit for nurses makes them much more neat and professional. It also helps patients identify them from the rest of the clinicians. If you would like to buy scrubs online in and around Bangalore city, then do contact UNIPRO. In the presence of rich experience and state-of-the-art tools, we offer high-quality solutions for all your hospital uniform needs.

A Quick Note on UNIPRO

Known for our standards and durability, UNIPRO is a broad team of professionals, who are adept at grasping the latest trend in the market. We ensure that the same standards are followed in terms of production and manufacturing the scrub suit for nurses and related clinical designations.

The fabric designers, cloth specialists, and garment experts here are recruited from top textile institutions such as NIFT and NID. So, rest assured of a high-quality uniform. Contrary to the other uniform manufacturers in Bangalore, we have a few supply chain managers, to cater to any bulk order requirements as well. Our is a customer-centric company and so, we put you first before anything else; so personalise and choose your hospital uniform style, totally in the way you prefer it.

Want First-Grade Hospital Uniforms?

Be it a classic green pant-coat combo or a modern healthcare professional attire, the fabric experts here at UNIPRO will get you covered with the best in class hospital nurse uniforms. Unlike other companies that concentrate either on quality or durability, ours is one among the few brands that focus on both. The materials and fabric pieces that we use for your hospital uniforms are not only of high quality but are also extremely durable, hence giving a lasting life; even during critical, emergency times.

The hospital uniforms and nurse scrub suits manufactured from UNIPRO are moreover comfortable and convenient to wear, for any climatic conditions and similar external seasonal patterns. Also, the uniform we produce is suitable for all styles and standards of a hospital. So, you could wear our scrubs along with a bouffant-style cloth cap or any tie-back and matches well even with a gauze or synthetic textile mask.

A few Reasons to Choose UNIPRO

When we refer to high quality, the scrub suits that we manufacture are created using comfortable and breathable fabric. And we also cater to delivering nurse scrub suits for all genders and body sizes. Colours, designs, textures, and the pattern can be personalised as per your actual requirement. Our team will also ensure that the material adheres to your professional goals as well as sticks to the deemed standards of your hospital. Last but not least, we charge the quotes affordably for all our fabric solutions!

Our Other High-Quality Uniform Products

Being one of the top hospital uniforms manufacturers, UNIPRO has compliance to deliver uniform materials for a comprehensive range of job profiles, across industries and work sectors. Here are 5 notable ones among them;

  • School Uniform - Learners and school-goers wearing their uniforms give them a sense of togetherness as well as makes all pupils of the class equal.
  • Work Uniform - Maintain decency and professionalism at the workplace with our work uniform solutions for any designation and business.
  • Corporate Uniform - From business meetings to important presentations, ensure high discipline with a neatly-tucked shady corporate uniform.
  • Security Guard Uniform - To bring a threatening feeling to thieves and fraudsters, avail our various types of police and security guard uniforms online.
  • Hospital Nurse Uniform - Be it for medical emergencies or operation theatres, we have hospital nurse uniforms for all clinical requirements and needs.

How to Connect with Our Team?

Are you now interested to buy scrubs online from UNIPRO? Then you can connect with our professionals, either by giving us a call at 9945172940 or put a mail regarding your needs and preferences to The team here is ever ready to help you out with your requirements, so hesitate no more!

5 Tips for Nurse Scrub Suits

Here are 5 key tips on how to purchase, wash, and maintain your nursing scrub suits for long-lasting quality and durability;

  1. Disinfecting your scrub suits thoroughly is vital to achieving good health. Thus, put your hospital uniforms separately for a laundry.
  2. Strictly use a colour-safe bleach so that the hue of the fabric stays intact.
  3. Buy scrub suits from experienced companies, who also promise customisation benefits.
  4. Keeping in mind the sensitive environment that you work in as well as the quality of the fabric, avoid using any harsh perfumes over the scrub suit.
  5. It is essential to appear pleasant and calm before your patients. Hence, choose scrub suits with milder colours such as blue, green, pink, etc.
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