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Uniforms are a vital part of the success of any business. A well-dressed staff acts as a key asset while presenting yourself in front of your clients, thereby offering the right company image.

Unipro understands the importance of wearing well- fitted uniforms, whether it’s a school or in a corporate environment. Therefore, we are known to provide excellent service and good quality uniforms at fair prices. We are a one stop solution for everyone who is looking for uniform suppliers offering greater value to our customers. So, if you are looking to create a unique and recognizable identity in the outside world, Unipro is the place to be.

Why Choose Us?

In a fast-paced world, where everything is moving at a light speed, people are always on the lookout for quick services that you can get on with your life. Finding the right uniform suppliers offering greater value and access to a superior selection of professional clothing can be a challenging task. However, with Unipro, you can ensure smarter and effective purchases that fit both your budget and needs.

Unipro offers a wide range of options in school, corporate, hospital staff and security guard uniforms. We ensure that our customers are able to make effective purchases from the wide variety of choices from our product listings with far less time and effort.

We are a team of fabric experts, fashion designers (graduated from institutes like NIFT and NID), image consultants and brand managers who understand the needs of our customers, especially those looking for exclusive and unique products. We are known as the high quality security guard uniform manufacturers in India, and we stand behind every product we sell, whether you need one uniform or in bulk.

About Us

Unipro is one of the high quality uniform manufacturers operating in Bengaluru, Karnataka. We offer a wide variety of uniform options to choose from. Our platform connects anyone looking for professional uniform suppliers.

Unipro has become successful in a short period. We have earned our reputation only because we are able to provide the finest quality professional uniforms to our customers. Our commitment is to provide you with the best quality uniform that is not only comfortable but functional as well. Just tell us what you are looking for and we will be there to serve you.

We totally believe that getting a professional service should be easy and affordable, without compromising on quality. Unipro strives to become the leading professional uniform provider in the country and offer hassle-free services with 100% satisfaction.

Security Uniform Manufacturers

High quality uniform manufacturing is something we take pride in. Our highly professional team of designers work together with our customers to build the best functional and comfortable security uniforms. Some of them are security wear uniform, security guard shirt, customized logo printed uniforms for schools, hospitals, companies, etc.

Our state of the art manufacturing unit produces high quality products and keep our overall manufacturing pricing down, eventually allowing our customers to pay less. Our manufacturing unit is ISO 9001 – certified, increasing productivity and manufacturing top of the line uniforms for security including personalized security uniforms.

Products We Offer

As aforementioned, we offer a variety of uniform choices. Get instant access to top class reliable and affordable products in Bengaluru, Karnataka.

  • School Uniforms – Not only the quality of education but school uniforms also are a great differentiator amongst schools. It is what keeps them apart from other schools. Our team of professionals will work closely with you to understand your needs and design a uniform that matches your school's mission and vision.
  • Corporate Uniform – Nowadays companies are investing a huge amount of money in brand management. Implementing a dress code in a workplace helps the company to look professional and create a brand image. However, providing uniforms for large staff can easily become an expensive proposition and can create a dent in overall operational budgets. However, by choosing Unipro as your regular uniform supplier, you ensure that you get the desired professional outfit without any hassle.
  • Security Guard Uniform – As it is said, the first impression is the best impression. Your security staff is the first person your client would meet while entering your office. Therefore, getting them dressed smartly should be every corporate requirement. Unipro provides high quality security guard uniform supplier, making sure your security staff look as professional as possible.
  • Work Uniforms – Whether you are working in a corporate environment, hospitality industry or medical industry, well-dressed professional is a basic requirement in every workplace. Unipro offers a wide range of work uniforms catering to various industries like medical, security, construction business etc.
  • Hospital Nurse Uniforms – Apart from schools, one place that works well with uniforms are hospitals. Different uniforms help in identifying the roles of different working staff in a hospital. Also, being a place for health workers, it needs to be fresh, sanitized, and well-fitted at all times. Unipro recognizes the importance of uniforms in the medical field and therefore, provide the best quality fabric and stitching for the hospital staff.

How to Connect with Us?

Apart from selling high-quality products, customer satisfaction is also our topmost priority. We don’t just believe in bringing new business, but also value our existing customers. We consider our customers as partners and therefore, we go to great lengths to ensure they get the best product or service in the market. We always appreciate your business in a similar way as you appreciate our service. We are always available at your service. Feel free to connect with us at +919945172940.

Your Guide to Uniform Maintenance

You may have bought the best security guard uniform, However, without proper maintenance, you can easily decrease its life. Here are some easy tips and tricks to maintain your uniform and increase its life: -

  1. Pretreating – If your uniform is dirty, simply washing won’t get all your stains. Therefore, it is important to soak in warm water with soft washing detergent.
  2. Read the Care Label – Every fabric has its own washing techniques and maintenance guide. Learn about the fabric care of your uniform and wash accordingly.
  3. Air Drying – Air drying your uniform is the best option as it uses air to dry your clothes, rather than using heat.
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